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Doublet Jacket, Pipers & Drummers, Made to Measure, UJ-13 Doublet Jacket, Pipers & Drummers, Made to Measure, UJ-13 Doublet Jacket, Pipers & Drummers, Made to Measure, UJ-13

Model # UJ-13

Availability: Made to Order

Doublet for Piper or Drummer,

Your Made to Measure Doublet comes with the following:-

The finest 100% 15oz Barathea Wool by Lawrencepur, or Heavy wool Blazer

Nickle Or Gold Buttons


Available in 5 colours which are Black, Navy, Bottle Green, Red and Burgundy

Jacket Measurement Guide

A: Chest
Measure loosely around chest at under arm height while wearing a shirt/vest (no Jacket), with arms by the sides.
(Do not inflate the chest)

B: Waist
Measure around waist above hip bone while wearing a shirt/vest (no Jacket)

C: Sleeve Length
Measure from shoulder seam to desired length at cuff. Ideally half an inch of cuff should be visible.

D: Half Back
Measure from Centre back, centre seam on a well fitting jacket, at 6" below the bottom of the collar to shoulder
seam, arms by the sides.

E: Jacket Length (Prince Charlie)
For Prince Charlie Jackets, measure length from the nape of the neck to waist, just above top of hips.

F: Jacket Length (Argyle and Crail Jackets)
For Argyle and Crail Jackets measure from the nape of the neck to the base of the spin, just above seat.

Note: See Guide Picture for Measurements Help

Follow these Instructions After Checkout

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1. Jacket Measurement (For Example) A= 0 Inch, B= 1 Inch, C= 2 Inch Etc)

2. Jacket Colour (Choices) Black, Navy, Bottle Green Red and Burgundy

3. Jacket Cloth (Choices) Heavy wool Blazer or Barathea Wool by Lawrencepur

4. Braid Colour (For Example) Silver, Golden

5. Buttons Colour (For Example) Nickle or Gold

Price: $159.99

Normally Ships Within 1-2 Days.

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